Can’t seem to get the weekend stuff right….

Can’t seem to get this one right.

I’m on-call on Saturdays and off on Sundays. Sounds simple, right.

Then how come I can’t get into it on Saturday. Spend time having coffee…reading the papers…doing a fry up for breakfast (or if I’m really lucky, getting hot dogs and doughnuts from Vic Market)…doing the big 5-grid Soduku in the Age Magazine. Sometimes even get to check my emails once or twice. Won’t action any of them unless they’re mega-urgent, but will at least check to see.

Then on Sunday, I spend time doing what should have been done on Saturday!!

And NO!!!! I don’t like working weekends and am definitely NOT a workaholic (not by my definition anyway, see below). But when things are so flat-out you sometimes do things you would rather not.

Come to think of it, maybe that’s why I can’t get going on Saturday’s…..just too worn out from the week.

By my personal definition…workaholic (n) –

a) someone who works when there is no reason to, or,

b) someone who works because that is all that matters to them, or that work is the most important thing in their life