Cloud Hosting……the Truth

I am sick of all these claims made by numerous Cloud Hosting providers that are no more than an attempt to cash-in on a (relatively) new marketing term.

From the simplest non-techie perspective, Cloud Hosting means that it is immaterial WHERE your ‘stuff’ lives as it should work from SOMEWHERE ELSE in the event of a failure occurring where it is RIGHT NOW.

I know of several hosts with hundreds or thousands of clients that host on a bunch of standalone servers!!!!

If the one you are on dies, good luck getting them to restore your stuff to another ‘working’ piece of equipment in a reasonable timeframe. Assuming of course that they even have backups suitable for restoration.


Even some of the ‘big boys’ don’t set it up so that your services will restart somewhere else automatically in the event of a failure.

Sorry, but having to migrate a backup to a piece of equipment somewhere ‘else’ is not my idea of ‘Cloud Hosting’.

Ask the bloody question of your hosting company and don’t settle for an answer you don’t understand!!!!


Carbon Tax


Just got the first Carbon Tax bill.

Over 13 F@#%ing per cent!!!!!!!!!

No matter what the poll numbers say for the government, if they want ANY chance for re-election then they better call an election either:

a) ASAP, or,

b) as late as possible so that the ‘average’ voter would have vented about it, then promptly gone on to have their attention occupied by something trivial.

I guess they’ll be opting for option b)

Another Hmmmmmmmm moment

This didn’t really happen…..but…..

Further to Channel 7.

Here’s a clip I found that shows how the Australia V Uruguay penalty shoot-out for the 2006 World Cup would have been telecast had Channel 7 managed to win (stuff-up) the broadcast rights.

They’ve already done this to other non Aussie Rules Football sports. Probably would have delayed the ‘live’ telecast by 30 minutes as well.


Saints Good….Channel 7 coverage….crap!! (I’m being kind)

Well done Saints. Very impressed.

They kept coming but you didn’t fold. And the lack of over-the-top celebrations was just as impressive. It’s just one more step on the path.

At least now you KNOW you can do it.

Now to Channel 7…….. Just because you have some too-clever-by-half techies working there and giving you a multitude of camera angles, does not mean that you should be chopping and changing every few seconds.

The flow of the game was lost several times and the choices of shots and angles made it look like an amateur high school production with high-tech equipment.

Get serious or give it over to someone else.

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