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Thoughts on MJ

Hmmmmm. Michael Jackson has been relegated to pages 14-15 in the Herald Sun today.

Could it be that we’re now going to ‘leave him alone’ as per his song/request a few years back?

Are we grown up enough to do that?

Hopefully……but I wouldn’t bet on it.

My feelings about him is that he was a total freak of nature, from a talent perspective.

Couldn’t care less about his private life. From what I’ve read I¬†wouldn’t have wanted his private life anyway.

That’s all I have to say on that subject (unless of course I think of something else).

From the sublime to………

Damn!!!! Got caught up at work and missed the post EOFYS sales.

Didn’t even get to see the stock footage the networks use to show people waiting outside Myer at 6:00am and the staff opening the doors whilst trying to avoid being trampled.

But then again, I haven’t really put in enough miles to successfully bowl over little old ladies and kids in order to be the first one to touch the shiny new internet fridge. Cos once you touch it, it’s yours for next to nothing.

Just out of curiosity…….who the HELL wrote that crappy Foxtel EOFYS song?

Hello World ;-)

This is me.

Tried to avoid having ANY footprint on the net for many years. Worked hard at it too.

Then all of a sudden….POW…I have 2 entries when I search for my name.

Bummer :-(

So, what to do………..what to do……….(another cup of coffee)…….

Stuff it, let’s see if it’s all that it’s cracked up to be.